Episode 17: Flight of the Navigator, LieMAX, and Hello Fresh

In episode 17 of The Red 7 Movie Cast Hemant binges Season 2 of the Crackle series Startup, and gets a little bit more invested in Far Cry 5 for the PS4.

He also talks about a new IMAX theater coming to his city. But is it true IMAX, or the notorious Digital IMAX known as LieMAX?

He then talks about his experience with Hello Fresh after being gifted a free week by his friends.

Then it’s on to a review of the 1986 Disney classic, Flight of the Navigator.

1:24Startup – Season 2 (2017)
7:10More Far Cry 5 (Playstation 4)
13:14Is Hello Fresh for me?
23:48IMAX or LieMAX?
28:40Flight of the Navigator (1986)
56:48Preview of Episode 18

Show Notes
Films My Sons Need to See List on Letterboxd
How Do I Know If My IMAX Theatre is Real 70mm IMAX or lieMAX (Digital IMAX)?

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