Episode 19: I, Tonya, American Honey, and Treadmill Monotony

In episode 19 of The Red 7 Movie Cast Hemant gets grumpy about the weather in western Canada, and how it’s making him continue having to run on a treadmill instead of in the great outdoors. Following his rant he gives an update on how Netflix is continuing to explore ideas to get its films considered during Awards season – could Netflix theaters be on the horizon?

Then it’s time for this week’s reviews including Craig Gillespie’s I, Tonya and Andrea Arnold’s American Honey which also happens to be film number 13 on Hemant’s 52 Films Directed by Women project.

1:07The Hardships of Treadmill Running, and Other Weather Related Woes
11:39Is Netflix Going to Open Theaters?
14:55I, Tonya (2017)
36:34American Honey (2016)
52:01Preview of Episode 20

Show Notes
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