Episode 20: The Post and a Cobra Kai Crisis

In episode 20 of The Red 7 Movie Cast Hemant lists off various excuses as to why he was only able to watch one film this week which includes the NBA Playoffs, video games, and producing his kid’s videos for his YouTube channel.

Then the tone gets much darker as Hemant realizes that YouTube Red is not available in Canada which is going to make it very difficult for him to watch Cobra Kai.

Things cool off once he starts talking about this week’s film, 2017’s The Post from Steven Spielberg.

1:03Various Excuses for Low Number of Films Being Watched
11:08Cobra Kai Crisis – YouTube Red, You’re not the Best Around
18:14The Post (2017)
48:45Preview of Episode 21

Show Notes
My Kid’s YouTube Channel – Beejona 306
YouTube is Expanding Red to More Countries

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