Episode 23: The Death Cure & The Commuter

Summer weather is in full swing and Hemant has wasted no time in getting his backyard ready for the season. Summers are hot in Saskatchewan, but they are also short, so it’s very important to enjoy them while they’re around. This however didn’t stop him from recording Episode 23 of The Red 7 Movie Cast.

In this episode Hemant reveals his new strategy to aid in preventing him from inadvertently buying the same new release Blurays more than once – something that he embarrassingly does quite often.

And then before getting into this week’s reviews he talks briefly about Cobra Kai being renewed for a second season, and early reactions to Solo: A Star Wars Story.

First up for reviews is The Death Cure, the final chapter in The Maze Runner trilogy. It’s then onto The Commuter, another Liam Neeson flick where he kicks a bunch of butt.

1:55Getting the Backyard Ready for Summer
6:37Bluray Double Dipping Prevention Program (BDDPP)
8:59Cobra Kai Renewed for a Second Season
11:57Solo: A Star Wars Story First Reactions
16:02The Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)
35:48The Commuter (2018)
50:55Preview of Episode 24

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