Episode 26: Red Sparrow and Some Ranting

In Episode 26 of the Red 7 Movie Cast Hemant discusses some interesting articles that he came across over the last week including the importance of seeing a film in a theater, Solo: A Star Wars Story projection issues, toxic fandom, and a new multiplex in his neighborhood.

He also briefly gives his thoughts on Season 1 of the new Netflix series, Lost in Space.

It’s then onto a discussion of the new Francis Lawrence film, Red Sparrow.

2:57The Importance of Seeing a Film in a Theater
7:36Solo: A Star Wars Story Cinematography and Projection Problems
10:50New Landmark Theater in the Neighborhood
15:23Toxic Fandom is the Worst
21:22Lost in Space, Season 1
27:34Red Sparrow (2018)
57:56Preview of Episode 27

Why Movie Theaters are Still Good from ScreenCrush

Solo: A Star Wars Story Projection Issues from SlashFilm

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