Episode 28: Tomb Raider and Lots of Star Wars News

This weekend Hemant was off to the resort village of Waskesiu in the Prince Albert National Park for an annual golf trip he partakes in with 15 of his friends. In Episode 28 of the Red 7 Movie Cast he talks a bit about this 17 year old tradition that’s still going strong.

He then briefly talks about taking his 7 year old son to see Avengers: Infinity War, which surprisingly resulted in a bunch of dancing.

It’s then onto various bits of Star Wars news including recent revelations regarding the plans George Lucas had for episodes 7 thru 9 in the event that he didn’t sell LucasFilm to Disney. While many thought his idea was garbage, Hemant actually found himself quite fascinated with it.

He also talks about a crazy piece of Star Wars canon that was just revealed in a new comic book Star Wars Annual #4, before dropping his thoughts on the Force and how he feels people misinterpreted, or saw a message in The Last Jedi that wasn’t really there.

He then wraps up the episode with a review of the new Tomb Raider film starring Alicia Vikander that was just released on Bluray.

1:17Golf in Northern Canada
7:32Re-visiting Avengers: Infinity War
12:48George Lucas and the Journal of the Whills
17:53Star Wars Annual #4 and a Podrace
18:28Star Wars Annual #4 – SPOILER Start
21:40Star Wars Annual #4 – SPOILER End
21:52The Last Jedi – Is the Force Actually for Everyone?
25:12Tomb Raider (2018)
47:55Preview of Episode 29

The Journal of the Whills – George Lucas’ Vision for Episode 7 – 9

New Podracing Canon Explored in Star Wars Annual #4

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