Episode 39: Searching, Upgrade, Jack Ryan, Ozark, and More!

There’s a lot to cover in episode 39 of the Red 7 Movie Cast podcast. On this Labour Day long weekend, Hemant worked his way through season 2 of the Netflix Original series Ozark, season 1 of the Amazon Prime Original series Jack Ryan, and a few episodes of the first season of another Netflix Original series, The Innocents.

And for some reason he also watched the 1983 attack helicopter film Blue Thunder which he briefly gives his thoughts on.

It’s then time to dive into the sci-fi action film Upgrade which just recently hit Bluray and VOD, as well as Searching, the debut film by director Aneesh Chaganty that just opened in theaters this weekend.

1:18Ozark, Season 2
9:32Jack Ryan, Season 1
19:08The Innocents, Season 1
21:26Blue Thunder (1983)
25:35Upgrade (2018)
38:47Searching (2018)
50:56Preview of Episode 40

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