57. Ten Favourite Films Watched in 2018

It’s that time of year again where I count down my 10 favourite films that I watched in 2018. Since these are the 10 films I enjoyed the most this year, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they were released in 2018.

I also outline some honourable mentions, before talking about films I regret not getting a chance to see in 2018, as well as my top 3 disappointments for the year.

5:39Number 10
8:01Number 9
11:13Number 8
14:21Number 7
18:35Number 6
22:26Number 5
25:42Number 4
29:40Number 3
36:00Number 2
38:46Number 1
45:56Honourable Mentions
48:36Movies I Regret Not Seeing in 2018
51:44Disappointments from 2018
57:52Next Week

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