58. Venom

It’s week 2 of Frozen Fest 2019 where Hemant watches at least one movie per day for the month of January. In this episode he does some quick reviews of some of his favourites over this time which include The Rider, Blindspotting, Sorry to Bother You, The House that Jack Built, and Zero Charisma.

It’s then time to dive into this week’s feature review of Venom which was just released on Bluray.

1:38Frozen Fest 2019
3:59Quick Review – The Rider (2017)
9:40Quick Review – Blindspotting (2018)
12:38Quick Review – Sorry to Bother You (2018)
16:23Quick Review – The House that Jack Built (2018)
22:03Quick Review – Zero Charisma (2013)
27:37Venom (2018)
47:13Next Week

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