Ancestry Dna Agreement

In previous versions of this manual, we have refused to partially recommend 23andMe because it collects potentially more sensitive biomedical DNA data. This is still the case, even if the company has nothing to do with this data without your consent. We have confirmed by email to the company that if you buy a pure test for ancestry or the more health combined health package that may indicate a genetic propensity for certain hereditary diseases, the examination and analysis of your DNA are identical. Even if you only pay for an ancestral test, many consumer-focused genetic testing companies can also analyze biomedical markers in your DNA.1 And it is becoming increasingly clear that your decisions about the information you need to share can not only be information about you, but also have an impact on your family. , no matter how far you travel. If you have consented to individual disclosure of the data or an additional approval agreement in accordance with the uses mentioned above in the main consent document to the results of the research, 23andMe may share individually identified genetic information and self-reported information with a certain external research staff selected for 23andMe research purposes. Full agreement. This agreement, including all the conditions and guidelines expressly referred to in this Agreement, as well as the declaration of confidentiality and all legal references published on the sites, constitutes complete understanding and agreement between you and us and replaces all previous or concomitant agreements and agreements, unless Ancestry has expressly decided otherwise. The AncestryDNA site is part of the ancestry family of websites that include, and, as well as international sites such as,, and others. AncestryDNA offers both a DNA test and an online service that allows users to view the results of their DNA tests and connect with other users (together the “service”).

The AncestryDNA service can be used in conjunction with the ancestry site, to allow users to discover, search and store family history. B, for example, by browsing the extensive databases containing records on the Ancestry site (operated by Operations Inc., “Ancestry” and in collaboration with their affiliates, subsidiaries and group companies, the Ancestry Group Companies) or using family ancestry services. AncestryDNA users and users of the ancestry family (the Ancestry Community) can also communicate with each other to collaborate and share information about the family`s history. Each of the websites that encompass the Ancestry community is subject to different conditions than those found here, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and understood them before using these sites. A google shopping search for “DNA test kit” provides more than 200 results and shows companies that offer services ranging from paternity resolution to pipe breeding.