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Ing. Julian Guerrero Data Network UDNET To buy products, go to the page: For more information: Contact Read more: Library System Web Portal or Read more: Contact or The university has electronic library resources that can be accessed on the website of the digital library service. On-demand – Virtual private network. It allows you to connect via the Internet via a secure extension to the university network to access computers with internal applications, for example.B. SiCapital. . Service that, depending on your role in the district university, offers different authorizations: student, graduate, graduate, teacher, administrator or contractor (CPS) of the university. For more information, please see the e-mail documentation . .

. Join QS Leap, the world`s most advanced free trial prep platform. . . . With regard to postgraduate studies, the following tools can be used: those who wish to purchase the products should consider the following aspects: In order to guide the university community in the environmental management system, a prevention campaign was conducted through the issuance of recommendations to guide the community and mitigate the effects of the current pandemic. Learn more about the recommendations and programs of the AMS. . . .

video conferencing services for meetings related to research and related projects that may be requested by e-mail. . It allows access to the various applications of the administrative, institutional and academic order, the Advisory Office of the system provides access to all geographical points to those who are in the cloud and via VPN in connection with the UDNet Data network, for those on site. . For more information on the environmental management system The tools available for video conferencing can be accessed by institutional email using the following options: In order to strengthen and integrate the use of technology in information and communication technologies, Planestic-UD provides the university community with training strategies. In the service of the university community, the following telephone extensions have been made possible in order to meet the various requirements and send emails in a timely manner, it is important to indicate that institutional emails are fully activated. We invite the community to consult the care channels. A system that manages academic spaces, grades, student processes and teaching. The Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas is a state university based in Bogota, Colombia.