Certificate Of Origin United States Chile Free Trade Agreement

The importer strongly needs the assistance and cooperation of its U.S. suppliers to establish accurate and well-documented declarations of origin. 1. A written statement of origin from the producer or, in some cases, an exporter may find that several batches of identical goods are shipped to the same Chilean importer. In these cases, there is no need to establish new documentation (e.g.B. certificate of origin) for each batch. The importer may be able to present such a “white” certificate of origin (or any other information indicating the origin of the goods) to the customs authority when accepting each shipment. It is recommended that the “coverage period” be indicated on the certificate of origin. Chilean customs suggest that the “blanket” period does not exceed one year.

The United States and Chile have agreed on a special free trade agreement. When these two countries ship goods to each other, the specific certificate of origin is required to obtain the reduced duties on certain products. The certificate is issued by the exporter, importer or manufacturer of the goods. This certificate should be shipped at the same time as the goods shipped to customs. A written declaration of origin can take many forms, including a company header statement, a commercial invoice statement or an official certificate of origin. Although no formal form is required to declare origin under the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement, Chilean National Customs has released a list of the necessary data items. When the importer requests the return of excessive duties, it is required to make a written statement on the original character of the products. The certificate of origin of the goods may be provided by the exporter, importer or manufacturer of the goods. When someone other than the manufacturer (for example. B the exporter) issues the certificate, it must rely on one of the following criteria: description of the goods, reference number of the HS, preferential criterion, indication whether or not you are a manufacturer, regional content of value, country of origin The company issuing the original written declaration is required to keep a copy of the declaration of origin for a period of five years from the date of import of the products.

In addition, the company must keep a copy of all supporting documents used to prove the origin of the goods in accordance with the rules of origin of the free trade agreement between the United States and Chile. The U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement is a free trade agreement that encourages trade between those countries by imposing lower tariffs on certain products originating in the United States and Chile. Shipments under $2,500 do not require a written declaration of U.S. or Chilean origin. These data items are available on the U.S. Trade Information Center website. A free PDF version of a us-Chile Certificate of Origin form can be found on the shipping Solutions website.