District Of Squamish Collective Agreement

“Thanks to the record number of completed surveys, our members have given us clear direction on issues that matter to them,” said Wendy Shard, President of CUPE 2269. “We believe that the agreement negotiated with the District of Squamish is fair to both the parties and the Community; This has been reflected in the support that our members have provided during the ratification process. Cranbrook paid its employees approximately $12.18 million, and they caused $162,988 $US in expenses. They received approximately $2.94 million in benefits. The remuneration of many unelected municipal officials is determined by negotiations with their union CUPE 2269. Their collective agreement provides for annual increases ranging from 1.5 to 2 percent between 2016 and 2019. The District of Squamish is pleased to announce the ratification of a new collective agreement with CUPE Local 2269. The parties reached an interim agreement on 22 April 2016 and have since ratified the interim agreement in separate processes. Benefits for employees and politicians were not presented separately, but amounted to $2.15 million. The agreement lasts four years from 2016 to 2019 and includes moderate wage increases of: 1.5% (2016), 1.5% (2017), 2% (2018) and 2% (2019). “Our dedicated and talented employees are at the heart of our achievements for the community,” said Mayor Patricia Heintzman.

“The management of costs and the creation of a working environment that encourages the very dedicated workers, who provide excellent services to the Community, is of the utmost importance to the Council, and we are pleased to ratify this new agreement, which is satisfied with both sides of the results.” The average salaries of the council were only taken into account by the municipal councillors in office. Newcomers were left out because their wages would be much lower. The councillors who had turned around were also not involved. At the same time, elected officials have not seen much pay rise – but that`s due to the 2018 elections, which prematurely ended the salaries of outgoing politicians. He also pointed out that Squamish`s rapid pace of development and population growth may have made it more difficult for city staff to employ them. There could also have been inflation adjustments, Yan added. Politicians in this community received a total of US$220,543 and received US$6,913. They collected $27,698 in fees. Look at the charts to see how their compensation fits with other communities of similar sizes. — the highest salary increases for staff, based on annual increases — for municipal councillors, the chief calculated their average salaries and compared Squamish to other municipalities. The district is unlikely to have the same tax base as White Rock, considered one of the most prosperous communities in the lower continent.