Fqhc Co-Applicant Agreement

In order to define and codify each party`s respective roles, responsibilities and authorities with respect to the supervision and operation of the health centre, as well as the authorities shared between the two parties, the public body and the candidates` committee are required to implement a formal “complamentary agreement”. In practice, the public body receiving the Section 330 grant should have a formal agreement with a “requesting” board of directors, which is generally a separate body, meets all section 330 selection and composition requirements, and exercises the authorities prohibited by law (except for the adoption of financial management and personnel policy practices). As part of this “co-applicant” agreement, the public body manages the health centre on a daily basis and the co-applicant committee acts as the health centre`s board of directors within the meaning of Section 330 of the monitoring tasks. Together, the two entities are considered a “health centre.” Taking into account the federal requirements of a Co-Applicant Consumer Board, the LIFQHC created a registered non-profit organization. The Board of Directors currently consists of 13 members, 7 of whom are mainly in charge of one of the Community`s health centres, the other six being heads of the regional non-profit community. Competitors are expected to receive look-alike FQHC status in early 2010. East Meadow, NY…….. Arthur A. Gianelli, President/CEO of Nassau Health Care Corporation (NHCC), announced that the NHCC Board of Directors has unanimously approved an agreement with the Long Island Federally Qualified Health Centre (LIFQHC) to become the first and only FQHC on LI. The NHCC operates health centres in the municipalities of Hempstead, Elmont, Freeport/Roosevelt and Westbury/New Cassel. The LIFQHC had to receive a health certificate from the New York State Department of Need (CON), as the LIFQHC`s application was unanimously adopted and no doubt by the three monitoring committees of the Hospital Evaluation and Planning Council, which publishes the CON.

After the effective receipt of the NYS Department of Health`s Need Certificate and the signing of the co-application agreement, NHCC and LIFQHC will submit a request for a look-alike FQHC to DHHS.