Directv Independent Contractor Agreement

… Network and DIRECTV. INSP is consistently placed in CableFax Daily in the top 25 or better … in addition to the management of external contractors. The ideal candidate will have proven himself… David Weil, administrator of the Department of Labor`s wages and hours department, said the problem was spreading. “We see it in new parts of the economy, where we have once classified people as employees, and we suddenly decide to reclassify them as independent contractors,” he said. In the case of DirecTV, the Ministry of Labour obtained a judgment that allows its litigation to proceed against the company. A federal judge found that DirecTV was qualified as a joint employer of 82 satellite antenna installers in Washington State who worked for a subcontractor that no longer existed, called Advanced Information Systems or AIS.

We just had a very bad experience with a direct TV installation program that came to my house to install a genius. He told me that he had to replace something on the satellite dish first, which would cost an additional $85.00 for the engineering to work. Because of my ignorance of cable TV systems and satellite dish, I agreed to pay the extra fees to get the engineering installed. Once the work was completed, the technician requested a cheque or cash for the services provided. I gave him a check. After his departure, I was uncomfortable with the entire exchange and I contacted ATT/Direct TV and was informed that technicians should not ask for payment by cheque/money at the time of installation. If additional charges are charged, then atT/Direct TV would be the one that charges the customer or, in some cases, technicians have the equipment to process credit card payments on site. Make sure these subcontractors come into your home and cheat on your money.

This is precisely from a problem that can easily arise when DirecTV sends a non-AT-T employee and that can easily go unnoticed and cost you money. I had launched the service in March and the equipment was installed by an independent third-party installer (he said he installed direcTV, DISH, etc.). I had ordered 2 additional geniuses with my DVR for a total of 3 TV connections. The man presented himself as planned and said he had “four cable televisions.” I told him that I only ordered units for three TVs, not 4. He said, “No problem, I`ll install the three you want.” However, it was only yesterday, or 4 months and 4 electronic billing returns later that I discovered that I was charged for a total of 4 geniuses, even though I had only planned 3 installations and the installer activated 3 geniuses. My website showed that I had 4 geniuses and that I had paid for the 4 since March. The 4th additional genius had even recorded his own serial number in my equipment page in detail. I called Billing and they are “investigating” the problem now that they have made it become a department that could help me. I was told I would know in 3 to 4 business days. Well, when I got the service call for the activation of my 4K service, the WAS installer, actually an employee in atT uniform, was not an independent contractor. I told him about the 4th ghost genius I paid for, and he immediately said, “You must have had an entrepreneur who did your first installation.” He then informed me that contractors are required to install the number of connections they have “given” and that they have indicated on their bill before they even enter the house.