Ideal Image Refund Agreement

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA — I was very interested in finishing cool sculpting. I literally work to live and eat quite healthily. I was told I was the ideal candidate because I wasn`t trying to lose as much weight as changing where the fat was (what my hips were). I was looking forward to this treatment. When I signed the paper for Credit Line, I specifically asked if, after two years, I would pay all the previous interest, since it was a five-year amortization plan. the girl assured me that this was not the case. That`s the way it is. November 1, 2011 I called the ideal image and they told me that the contract clearly has no reimbursement of services or processing that I actually see does now. But I… You may be able to go through your credit card company.

Tell them that you are very unhappy with the service you have paid and they refuse to reimburse you. Be simple and reasonable “I paid X for 10 sessions and only 2. I want 8/10 of my money back. You should be able to simply top it up at the company. I`ll pay by funding Chevy Chase. I just spoke to the people at the ideal image clinic, and they said they didn`t want to do anything without talking to the companies to make sure they pay back the right amount. The reason someone would need 9 sessions is incomprehensible and I think it`s just a way for them to earn more money. When I called and explained her situation and her inability to know if she was overburdened, the counsellor said, “Well, she shouldn`t come alone if she can`t make good decisions.” They refused to reimburse her for the rest of the treatment she did not yet have, because she signed a contract and it is not refundable. I will tell all my friends to never go to the ideal picture, because I am so revolted by their practices see more ideal image on Facebook … Ali Copperthwaite in the ideal image …

There must be a way to reimburse me for meetings that I have not yet had. 31.08.2014 A reader seeks the help of the Haggler for the reimbursement of a … Q. I signed a contract with Ideal Image, a national laser hair removal chain,… It would be a good idea to extend this campaign as much as possible. Last week, Ms. Fiore received the full refund and the promised apology. But getting their money back after so much time and so much pain left her feeling burned twice.

CRANSTON, RHODE ISLAND — BE VERY WARY OF THIS PLACE. This place takes you to a “consultation” telling them what you want, but they add services that you don`t want, then you get tricked into a credit contract to “save prices” and you`re told you have time to think, but you get home and you realize it was actually a loan for which they got the money before you even went home or you had all the services you didn`t even go there for. As a result, you did not get a loan for the services. DON`T SIGN ANYTHING. THIS PLACE IS A SCAM, TAKES ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE. Mr. Fabel objected to the ideal image. In an email, he said the company is not putting pressure on customers and is going “to different levels of pain and pain” by providing anesthesia cream to all customers who need it. He added that the company tells people in advance that “the desired results cannot be achieved.” As far as refunds are concerned, it has continued, usually, when you sign a contract, you are obliged to stay in there. “The sales staff, in particular, is treated very badly and the compensation has changed 4-5 times last year (they require you to constantly sign up for new comp agreements),” someone from one of his Tampa stores wrote in an August letter.