32Bj Contract 2019 Agreement Nyc

Cleaning agents in Maryland and Virginia will have the same number of sick days and holidays as DC cleaners until the end of this contract. This contract will create more than 500 full-time jobs with employer-paid health insurance in the 30 largest buildings in Arlington County by 2023. NOTE: This is a summary of the main changes to the union contract. Once the treaty is ratified, the union will distribute copies of the agreement to all members who have the final, legally applicable language. According to the 32BJ SEIU, the agreement preserves the important workers` health package, raises the average cleaner wage to $29.47 per hour before benefits – and introduces greater protection against sexual harassment in the workplace. “Our hospitals are side by side with your buildings,” 1199SEIU Secretary and Treasurer Maria Castaneda said before the vote on the strike permit on December 18. “It`s time for [project owners and developers] to participate in the profits they`ve made.” The provisional agreement also provides for stricter guidelines on sexual harassment, such as. B the obligation for employers to provide and publish a directive on sexual harassment in the workplace and the protection of workers against harassment by third parties. The full terms of the new treaty and ratification vote will be sent to all trade members.

Check your mail and make sure to vote and return the ballot once you receive it. Improve contract language to protect migrant workers. Below are the highlights of our new contract: your 32BJ bargaining committee has reached a preliminary agreement Employers have agreed on a comprehensive procedure to end sexual harassment of our members in the workplace. Sexual harassment of superiors, tenants and even employees is on the rise, and this procedure provides a mechanism that requires each employer to thoroughly investigate each complaint, involve the union and protect the prosecutor and witness from the accused and from retaliation. Employees can now keep their complaint confidential, without fear of retaliation or involuntary transfer, and any investigation will involve the union, should lead to disciplinary action for a guilty party and also a third tenant, contractor, etc. inform of the outcome of these allegations and a recommendation for measures to prevent further misconduct. Resumen del Contrato para 2019-2023 between seiu32BJ and BOLR Our union has gained clear language on the rolling of sick days between employers during a transfer of contractors. Preliminary agreement between RAB and local 94.

32BJ increased on January 1, 2019 More than 400 employees in Loudoun and Prince Georges County have joined our union and negotiated with our contract fair wages and social benefits…