Assisted Acquisition Agreements

AAS brings added value through acquisition, project management and financial management. AAS works with agency, financial, contractual and legal program advisors to ensure requirements are met on time, within budget and at reduced risk, resulting in the best value solutions. AAS proposes solutions in agreement with a specific authority in 40 U.S.C 501 and in agreement with an executive agent for the acquisition of information technology, under the supervision of the Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996 (ITMRA) of the Office of Management and Budget. Since the GSA has specific legal competence to provide services and supplies to federal authorities, the power of the Economic Law does not apply to the provision of solutions to federal authorities by the GSA, with a few exceptions. AAS`s focus on financial management ensures that a client agency`s money is spent based on ownership, authorization, and bonafiized needs. AAS also ensures compliance with all applicable federal procurement rules, including authority-specific acquisition and financial management guidelines. (i) Before issuing an invitation, the service agency and the request agency shall sign both a written inter-service agreement defining the general terms and conditions of sale of the relationship between the parties, including roles and responsibilities in planning acquisitions, executing the contract, managing and managing the contract or order(s). The application agency shall make available to the service agency all applicable conditions and statutes, rules, policies and other requirements for registration in the contract or agency. In the absence of clear requirements from the Agency beyond the FAR, the applicant Agency must inform the contract agent of the service agency in writing. For acquisitions on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, see also subsection 17.7.

For patents, see 27.304-2. When preparing inter-agency agreements to support sustained acquisitions, authorities should review the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, Interagency Acquisitions guidelines, available in (b) business conditions analysis requirements applicable to contracts with more than one agency and to national acquisition contracts. To enter into an intergovernmental or intergovernmental acquisition contract, a business case analysis must be conducted by the Service Agency and approved in accordance with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) guidelines available under. Business analysis must – Brandy Massingale, Supervisory Assisted Acquisition Project Manager We need a PWS, a signed intergovernmental agreement, an independent public cost estimate (IGCE) and a MIPR, once the items are received, a project manager and a contract team, including a contract specialist and a contract delegate, are assigned. You are your personal team for the duration of your contract. Solutions may include the use of Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) such as Alliant and OASIS, Multiple Award Contracts, GSA Schedules, Single Award or Agency-Specific Contracts. This suite of solutions provides customers with access to thousands of business partners and an unlimited range of information technology and professional services solutions….