Sault Area Hospital Collective Agreement

DESCRIPTION: Under the general supervision of the manager and pathologist, the assistant pathologist performs a summary examination, description and sampling of surgical samples. The pathologist assistant performs hospital and medico-legal autopsies under the direction of the pathologist. This position is covered by a collective agreement. Applications outside the bargaining unit are welcome, but can only be considered if the position is not filled within the bargaining unit. Sault Area Hospital is currently looking for a highly motivated individual who can lead a healthcare team in an ever-changing and complex environment in the commercial department. The manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the department, including managing human, financial and material resources, to ensure that the needs of the hospital are well met, to ensure quality patient care and services, and to promote excellent customer service. KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: 1. Ability to maintain successful working relationships with the interdisciplinary team in order to achieve positive results. 2. knowledge of the maintenance and operation of laboratory equipment. 3.

knowledge of the sterile tissue culture conditions required for the assigned area. 4. Experience with voice dictation systems like Dragon Dictation is considered an advantage. 5. Ability to work effectively and effectively as a team member in a rapidly changing environment in stressful situations. 6. Customer service, interpersonal and telephone skills. 7. Computer knowledge in a Microsoft environment. 8. Ability to effectively organize time to accomplish position tasks.

9. Ability to meet and interact with people in a pleasant, professional, responsible and soothing way. 10. Ability to read, write and communicate to accomplish the tasks of the position. 11. Proven behaviour in line with the hospital`s mission, ICCARE values and staff performance standards. TASKS: 1. Preparation, coarse description, dissection of surgical samples of human tissues and preparation of tissues for histological treatment. 2. Make sure that a suitable model is shown when recording. 3.

Get clinical history, including scans, x-rays, lab data, etc. 4. Photograph the body, organs, coarse samples, microscopic slats and other relevant materials. 5. the performance of tasks related to the administrative maintenance of protocols, reports and data of surgical pathologies, including the submission of reports, minutes, photographs and microscopes; Ensure the completion of sample coding. 6. Ensure the proper maintenance of the equipment, provide adequate provisions and cleanliness of the surgical suite of pathology and associated raw premises. 7. Preparation of autopsies. 8.

Ensure proper legal authorization for autopsy and compliance with the Sault Area Hospital “Pronouncement of Death and Death Protocol” (D-6, Nursing Standards Manual). 9. Call the patient`s medical card and other relevant data for verification with the treating pathologist(s). 10. Advise the treating pathologist(s) to identify specific techniques and procedures to be used to perform the autopsy (e.g.B. . . .