Teachers Settlement Agreement 2020

A compensation program for substitute teachers who lose their jobs due to school closures has also been developed by the Ministry of Education. The value of all milestones increased on July 1, 2020. All primary school teachers should have received a salary increase. Teachers who have not yet reached the maximum stage for their qualification group remain at the stage where they were just before 1 July and go up a notch on their next salary anniversary. If your employer, manager or director offers you a settlement agreement, ask the union for advice immediately. Contact information can be found at the end of this guide. If you agree to these terms, your manager sends the agreement to the NEW team of Certified Transaction Agreement Managers (CSAOs). CSAOs are independent consultants. The role of the advisor is to advise you in writing on the conditions and consequences of signing the contract. You are asked to read the advice carefully and sign and return the agreement if you agree to the terms.

2.8 The parties have also associated themselves with the progress steps for the Help Council table using Teacher. The stages of progress are set out in Annex 5 to this Agreement. 9.1 This Agreement may be executed in equivalents, each of which shall be considered original, but all together constituting the same Agreement. .