Uaw Tentative Agreement Voting

The information sessions and the vote on ratification will take place from Saturday, October 19 to Friday, October 25, 2019. Members should contact their UAW premises for data and meeting and voting schedules. GM broke Lordstown in March in silence, supplanting nearly 2,000 workers. Most have switched to new jobs at GM plants outside the state. But they hoped the preliminary deal would include a new product to restart Lordstown, and the deal doesn`t. UAW leaders at Local 961 in Marysville are calling on members to reject the deal. As part of the provisional agreement, Fiat Chrysler would subcontract the Marysville axle plant to its joint venture partner, the ZF Group, after two years. According to a summary of the agreement, Fiat Chrysler employees would have the option of moving to other locations or staying at ZF. LINK: UAW, Ford reach proposed preliminary agreement United Auto Workers executives have voted to send a preliminary contractual agreement with Fiat-Chrysler to base members for a ratification vote. Members will vote starting Friday on the four-year contractual agreement – which includes a total of US$9 billion in investments, a $9,000 signing bonus, a promise not to close factories over the next four years and an obligation to continue producing vehicles at a Belvidere plant. in Illinois, according to a person briefed on the matter. The preliminary agreement was a hot topic of discussion on social media among union members, some of whom bordered on harassment between people with opposing views, Yakim said.