Episode 36: Like Father

Hemant only had the time to watch one film this week, mostly because he was gone for a family vacation to the Canadian Badlands in Alberta, Canada.

In this episode he talks about some highlights from his family getaway including a visit to the Great Wall of Saskatchewan, exploring Alsask, the village his family lived in when he was born back in the 70s, the Dinosaur Provincial Park, and their stay at the Red Roof Studio Art & Photography bed and breakfast.

He then shares his thoughts on some recent news including Patrick Stewart returning as Captain Picard in a new Star Trek series, updates on the upcoming Star Wars TV series, and the Academy’s announcement of a new best picture category.

Hemant wraps up the episode with his review of the new Netflix Original film Like Father directed by Laura Miller Rogen and starring Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammar. This is film #18 in his 52 Films Directed by Women project.

1:16Badlands Vacation
3:54The Great Wall of Saskatchewan
7:09Revisiting the Town of Alsask
9:43The Red Roof Studio Art & Photography
12:30Dinosaur Provincial Park
14:37The Return of Captain Picard
19:56Star Wars TV Series Update
21:55Best Popular Film Category at the Oscars
29:07Like Father (2018)
50:25Preview of Episode 37

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