Episode 29: Pacific Rim: Uprising & Impulse

It wouldn’t be an episode of the Red 7 Movie Cast podcast if Hemant didn’t talk about some big Star Wars news. In Episode 29 he talks about the recent news that LucasFilm and Disney have put a hold on all upcoming anthology films, including the recently announced Boba Fett film and the much rumoured Obi Wan Kenobi film. He talks about the implications of this news, LucasFilm’s response to the story, as well as a possible Darth Vader film being developed.

If you remember from last episode, Hemant mentioned a new YouTube Premium original series called Impulse based on a series of books by Steven Gould that is set in the Jumper universe. Yes, Jumper, that 2008 film starring Hayden Christensen which was directed by Doug Liman. So Hemant watched all ten episodes of Season 1 this week and shares his feeling about the show.

And then it’s onto a review of Pacific Rim: Uprising, the new film by Steven S. DeKnight starring John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, and Cailee Spaeny. Does this one live up to the bar set by Guillermo del Toro and the first film in the series? Take a listen to find out.

1:07Are Star Wars Story Films History?
7:01Impulse – Season 1 (YouTube Premium Original Series)
10:01Impulse Spoilers Start
30:33Impulse Spoilers End
32:55Pacific Rim (2018)
58:48Preview of Episode 30

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Episode 27: 12 Strong

In Episode 27 of the Red 7 Movie Cast Hemant shares his thoughts on the war film, 12 Strong starring Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon and directed by Nicolai Fuglsig. This film follows the first team of U.S. troops to enter Afghanistan following the events of 9/11.

He didn’t watch much for TV this week, but he has started revisiting the 70’s/80’s classic Three’s Company. He also mentions a few TV series that he came across while channel surfing (on cable), including Last Man Standing and Man with a Plan.

He also gets a bit excited about a series that he hopes to get to soon on YouTube Premium called Impulse. What’s interesting about Impulse is that it is a story set in the universe set up in the 2008 Doug Liman film, Jumper starring Hayden Christensen, from Star Wars Prequel fame.

And speaking of Star Wars, Hemant talks about a book he forgot he was reading, Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View. It’s a series of short stories set during A New Hope. He’s picked up where he left off and is looking forward to working through the last half of the book.

7:02Revisiting Three’s Company
9:59Man with a Plan
12:32Last Man Standing
15:48Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View (novel)
19:3912 Strong (2018)
37:10Preview of Episode 28

Impulse – a YouTube Premium Series

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